The Creativity Beyond the Camera Club

reclaim you mojo - find your style - master photography

Hopes and Dreams...

capture visual stories

When you aspired to become a photographer maybe you had dreams of creating visual stories that spoke deeply to your audience. Perhaps you saw yourself taking pictures that showed the beauty of nature, the marvels of life or the joy of connection

find your style

Perhaps you hoped to develop your own way of working and to eventually be able to take photos that would be instantly recognisable as unmistakably yours. 

create and be published

Maybe you imagined what it would be like to create photobooks, prints, online galleries or even see your work published in one of the many thousands of outlets for photography.

But now, after months or even years doing your very best to master the craft, you sense the walls of creative block closing in

  • That wonderfully evocative landscape you remember so well fades into two dimensions of dullness when caught by your camera.
  •  After applying your camera skills the pictures you take never quite meet your expectations and you are not sure what to do about it.
  • The very hobby or vocation that you excitedly stepped into when you first got your camera now leaves you feeling jaded and disillusioned. As you look at the masses of images online you begin to feel inadequate.
  • Perhaps you don't have the time or inclination to become a master of the exposure controls but still know your pictures could be so much better if only you knew what the problem was.
  •  Despite having done a night school course, spent hours in front of YouTube or read countless articles you find yourself at a dead end.
  • Maybe you've spent time learning the technical skills but your shots still lack soul.
Maybe you no longer even know what to shoot!
Has the fun fled along with your mojo?
Are thoughts such as ‘what’s the point, my photos never turn out anyway’ creeping into your mind?

I can help. You are not alone!

So many other photographers have told me these stories too.

Throughout my working life as a professional editorial and commercial photographer I've discovered ways to stay on top of the game and devised practices that keep my creativity flowing with numerous personal projects on tap and a bucket list full of fun things to shoot!

Drawing on some twenty five years of leading workshops for photographers from professionals to beginners, I've now built a resource that finally helps address these problems.

My Creativity Beyond the Camera Club is ready for you and will take you step by step from where you are now to where you want to be in your creative life.

Become a more confident photographer

Rediscover the joy of heading out with your kit, confident that you have a great chance of coming home with images to be proud of whatever your skill level.

from image concept to final creation

Imagine for a moment how it feels to have a collection of projects, complete and ready to share so that when a friend asks what you shoot you'll be able to show them without hesitation. The Creativity Beyond the Camera Club will take you through the process of creative photography from conception to creation and more.

master your photographic goals

The video lessons go way beyond the usual and even show you how to develop your shoot ideas before you even get out your camera. I share with you the tools you need to bring your passion to life and guide you along as you create a practice that will lead to a life of photographic fulfilment. Throughout your membership I coach you in the skills you need to conquer your uncertainties and master your photographic goals.

tap into my fifty years of experience

No longer will you need to waste precious time wondering if you are learning the right stuff. I've spent fifty years cutting my teeth on photography and if I say so myself I know a thing or two. I've created the Creativity Beyond the Camera Club so that I can share my learnings gleaned from a busy life as a pro photographer working with the most demanding of clients.

learn the things that really matter

Why sweat over hacks and tricks that don't really do the job? Let me take you to the core of your creative self and explain the learning paths that matter for your photography, rather than endlessly poring over the latest processing fads and formulae.

Before long, as you practise what I show you in the Creativity Beyond the Camera Club you will be able to self direct your photographic journey.

You will easily create engaging images that enthral your viewers and make you proud of your ability to see the shot, know how to compose for the most powerful impact, capture the photo and then create a beautiful photograph that speaks clearly to your audience whether that's your family, Facebook or potential clients.

No longer will you need to feel nervous about showing your work. You'll be keen to share your pictures knowing they have depth, vision, style and something to say.

dee lister

Founder Member

Take it from me that the videos are beautiful to watch and are professionally put together, as well as being taught in an understandable and comprehensive way.

"My confidence in my skill and ability as an artist and photographer has grown more than I could’ve conceived before joining the Creative Beyond the Camera Club last year. I gain so much from being part of the club that I want to share with you a little about how this helps keep my passion for photography not just alive, but thriving.

I admit to having come to being part of the club hoping to learn how to become a ‘good’ photographer by honing technical skills through watching lessons online and practising the techniques. There is so much more to the club and its website material than this, although there's still a place for learning the craft of photography, as Jason adeptly teaches in his gentle and encouraging way.

The course content online covers all the basics and much more. Information is helpfully structured into modules that can be easily followed and accessed through an easy-to-navigate stylish website. 

It’s simple to go back and re-watch a lesson for a recap, or move forward to a future module and explore a topic that’s of interest. In other words, the information is organised in a way that allows for pacing oneself when learning.

Far from the linear classroom set-up, I can learn however much I want to and in a way that accommodates my daily life. This keeps the emphasis on getting out there with my camera and having fun, rather than having to do so in response to course deadlines.

Jason is on hand to promptly answer questions and offer helpful, positive and encouraging guidance and advice via email. His thoughtful and kind feedback has immeasurably helped my confidence in my photography (and this has played a part in taking the step to sharing my work online through setting up a blog). 

I love Jason's teaching style and find this motivates my commitment to the craft and inspires me to develop my own voice as an artist. I wouldn't have imagined even calling myself this until recently.

On a final note, the private Facebook group is a great place to share, learn and be inspired by members as we all walk our journeys to grow as photographers. I am grateful to Jason and fellow members for creating such a warm and positive community. Sharing images here has always been met with positivity, support and encouragement and I do enjoy seeing others’ creativity and images.

There is so much more that could be said about being part of the club though I encourage you to join and take a look for yourself!

Anne Kingston

Founder Member

With his teaching and encouragement I have explored many photography projects ideas, honed my creativity in photography...

"Jason has been fundamental in the development of my photography, both technical and creatively.  His gentle guidance via the site and through regular emails have kept me motivated and engaged and opened up new avenues of creativity.

He has a special knack of encouraging you to want to learn and the website is packed full of useful and inspirational information.

With his teaching and encouragement I have explored many photography projects ideas, honed my creativity in photography and other areas (writing and art), widened my technical skills and managed to complete a variety of projects including printing a set of photography cards for sale.”

Photography doesn't have to be hard.

"Find the easy ways to
unravel the mysteries of exposure, focus, composition and visual storytelling without losing the fun of photography. That makes it all so much easier and worthwhile."

As you can see from my picture I'm not some young 'wet behind the ears' chap who thinks he's got it cracked. No, I began my journey with a film camera when I was a boy and can confidently say I’ve truly mastered my photography. My photos were being published in national magazines before I left secondary school.

Eventually I carved a career shooting for a wide range of journals including Country Life, BBC Wildlife, Gardener's World, Country Living, Woman and Home, Country Homes and Interiors and many, many more. I’ve also been featured or published in practically every photographic mag in the UK.

The editors and art directors were tough teachers who didn't offer second chances. It was simple. I had to come home with the shots, nothing else would do. So I honed and polished my skills until I always got my photo, whatever the weather, whatever the season and whatever my mood.

Through the Creativity Beyond the Camera Club I want to share with you this failsafe way of photography.

Follow my guidance and you will have the best chance of getting to where you want to be with your creativity.

What is the Creativity Beyond the Camera Club?

A growing collection of courses and resources held within a supportive community to help you stay inspired and imaginative in your creative life.

Whatever your skill level, the Creativity Beyond the Camera Club will help you up your game, capture more visionary images, find your style and share your visual stories with eloquence.

I will help you put the steps in place to cultivate the fun, freedom and fulfilment that you know your photography can bring.

Creativity Beyond the Camera - Initiation Course

Module 1: Exposure triangle

For those who would like to start at the very beginning the Initiation course explores the intricacies of the Exposure Triangle and explains just how aperture, shutter speed and iso work together to create the perfect exposure.

Module 2: Technical Triangle

Next we examine the Technical Triangle and reveal the ways that aperture and shutter speed impact on the focus and sharpness of our images.

These two modules contain 35 video lessons that leave no stone unturned for those who want to master these aspects of photography.

Creativity Beyond the Camera - Immersion Course

Module 1: Pictorial triangle

Moving on, and for those who don't want to learn the technical details, or already have a good knowledge, step into the Immersion course as we dive deeply into the Pictorial Triangle of composition and lightcraft.

Here I explain and demonstrate how to speak the language of photography in your images so that you can discover your style.

Module 2: Inspiration Triangle

Often ignored by other teachers, this aspect of photography is absolutely key to enjoying a creative life. If we don't know what to shoot everything we've learned so far is all rather pointless.

In this Module I speak in depth about the three aspects of inspiration and help put the foundations in place so that you will never be short of ideas.

Module 3: Message Triangle

All the best stories have a message and here I demonstrate ways you can drill down to what it is you want to say through your photos and I aid you in your mission to give meaning to your creative work.

Module 4: Storytelling Triangle

Having come this far we now need to be able to weave it all together into an output that can be shared. I show how to begin this process right at the beginning of your shooting process.

Exploring the many options available to photographers I outline the best ways to get our shots out there and off our hard drives.

Creativity Beyond the Camera - Bonus Content

The Initiation and Immersion Phases of this Foundation course are supported by numerous bonus lessons which add value to your learnings and contribute to your creative growth.

In all, this section of The Creativity Beyond the Camera Club holds over a hundred videos amounting to twenty plus hours of concise content ready for you to dip into as you need. 

Follow along in a linear manner, or jump in just where you need and watch your creative photography come on in leaps and bounds.

Over my Shoulder

A recently added section which is being built in response to the number of photographers who tell me they wish they could watch 'over my shoulder' as I carry out a shoot.

Taking it further than the usual YouTube videos, in these lessons I discuss my thoughts and ideas as I commence the shoot and explain my approach in some detail as I capture my images. Using the latest technology I share the story of the shoot from conception to final output with each Over My Shoulder lesson having great immersive videos.

mini courses

Addressing niche topics in response to photographers requests I'm building this section of the site to tackle particular techniques along with accompanying satellite topics that will strengthen your inspiration, connection and creativity.

The first of these mini courses takes a deep dive into that all important connection with our subject, using nature as the topic.

massage your mojo!

On top of this there's a growing gazetteer of links to photographers to follow, galleries and exhibitions to see and competitions to enter which is added to weekly. Plenty of content to keep your Muse onside and ensure you're motivated to go create!

our community

There's a vibrant community attached to The Creativity Beyond the Camera Club which you are invited to join.

Found in Facebook, the private group is a place to share news, photos, solutions and queries relating to our journey through creative photography.

It's also the place to post images in response to our regular assignments and challenges that are designed to keep us motivated and moving.

discounts and offers

Members of the Creativity Beyond the Camera Club are offered a generous discount off my physical workshops and retreats and get to book places before they are made public.

I'm also sourcing discounts and offers off suppliers and service providers to add even more value for you.

Roger foulkes

-founder member-

I was keen before, but now I am enraptured by photography.

"I've been a keen amateur photographer for many years. My main interest is travel and landscape photography and I consider myself reasonably competent.

On my initial foray into digital photography I realised that a course of some sort was necessary and, shortly after retiring I discovered a two day course being held not far from my home, by Jason. I enjoyed my two days, learned an awful lot, and, realising that I had only scratched the surface, determined to look out for any other courses being run by him.

Over the next few years I attended 3 or 4 short courses of his on various topics such as After Dark Photography and an Introduction to Lightroom. I also learned that Jason was setting up a new online course  called Creativity Beyond the Camera. I enrolled at the first opportunity, and have now completed the Foundation Course.

I have learned a huge amount about photography and the process of optimising my photographs to produce pictures that equal or surpass what I hope to create when I pick up my camera. The course advocates project work as a way of focusing and keeping motivated.

There's also an online community in  which we, as members, participate, sharing ideas and photographs and giving each other encouragement through constructive criticism and Jason suggests assignments which necessitate developing new skills. I was keen before, but now I am enraptured by photography."

Join me on this journey into creativity and see your photography finally begin to match your vision as you craft beautiful, inspired images.

ll of this is available for just £19 per month.
Or pay annually and save even more.

Gain instant access to over a hundred specially created videos, a supportive community and a growing resource of inspirational content that will keep you connected to your Muse, engaged with your craft and eager to learn more as you become the photographer you always wanted to be.

reclaim your mojo - find your style - master photography

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"It is said it takes ten thousand hours to become an expert. During my lifetime as a professional photographer I’ve invested many times that to master my craft.

Through the Creativity Beyond the Camera Club I share my learnings with you for the price of a coffee a week."

Frequently Asked Questions

I don't want a monthly financial commitment

If paying monthly is not your thing you can choose to save another 25% and opt for the annual membership plan.

I want to work at my own pace and not feel rushed.

Of course. The material is there for you to access whenever you want, in whatever way fits for you. Suggested workflows and timescales are just that, suggestions. It’s important to be able to work at your own pace and enjoy the process.

Can I cancel my membership easily?

Yes. You can access your personal account panel at any time with just one click and cancel your membership. Future payments will stop and you’ll maintain access until you reach the end of your current billing cycle.

Is more content being added?

Absolutely! Now that I’ve got the main platform off the ground I’m busy adding new content for you on a regular basis. If there’s anything specific you’d like me to consider adding I’m open to suggestions.

I want to learn alone. I'm not one for groups.

That’s absolutely fine. I do understand what you mean. Joining the Facebook group is entirely optional and all lessons and training are delivered via the membership site so you won’t lose out by choosing to go it alone.

I'm very short of time!

If we want to step up our creativity and be able to engage fully with our photography we do need to give it some regular attention. However just a few minutes a day will pay dividends and the Creativity Beyond the Camera Club is designed so that you can hop in and find something to enjoy even if you only have ten minutes spare.

What about price increases?

As long as you remain a member the cost of your membership will not increase. You will be grandfathered in even as the price of new membership increases.

Will the content be too complex for me?

The main aim of the Creativity Beyond the Camera Club is to help creatives stay creative so much of the focus is on finding inspiration, devising projects and seeing them through to the end, knowing what to shoot, becoming an eloquent visual storyteller and having access to a growing repository of engaging creative content. Should you also want to learn the technical foundations of photography that’s all there too, but where you commence your journey is just up to you.

Will it be too basic for me?

See the answer above and let me assure you that I do indeed cover the most advanced topics of camera setup, operation, exposure, composition and of course image optimising and processing too. Check it out, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

But I prefer real, physical workshops

As soon as the situation changes I’ll be setting up a schedule of location based retreats and as a member of the Creativity Beyond the Camera Club you’ll enjoy a generous discount and early bird booking along with all the video tutorials on the membership site.

But, can't I get all of this free online?

It’s true there is an abundance of free content available online. However there’s nothing quite like having structured content created by someone who really knows his stuff (me!) delivered to you in one place. It’ll save you so much time in the long run. And if at any time it doesn’t fit it’s very easy to cancel your membership.

Your Next Steps

I invite you to start your journey with me and enter our private Members Lounge where inspiration awaits. Rediscover the joy of you’re photography.

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