Creativity Beyond the Camera Masterclass

Creativity Beyond the Camera Masterclass

taking your photography to the next level

Sooner or later, as we progress on our journey through photography it’s quite possible that we stumble at the foot of the wall that is the creativity block.

The very reason for our photography can be forgotten as we fail to create images that satisfy and engage us.

The challenge of mastering the multitude of technical issues and techniques may be sufficient to peak our interest for a while but eventually even this can become tiresome.

At this point it’s all too easy to simply hang up the camera and let our excuses reign. However it doesn’t have to be that way. There is a path to a fulfilling life as a photographer and it doesn’t have to be tough and lonely.

With Creativity Beyond the Camera I’m endeavouring to help others reclaim their identity as a creative soul in the same way I did after decades of working as an editorial professional, dancing to the tune of others rather than the call of MY Muse.



Creativity and Inspiration

The whole day will be focused purely on working with our muse, with refining and realising our creative vision through the photographic process.

Beginning with a new take on composition I’ll take you through my process of working with a subject to ensure we capture and convey the feeling of the moment rather than a simple record of what’s in front of us.

Twinned with composition, lightcraft is a vital element of emotional connection and by recognising the language of the light we can craft images that will hit home with our viewers.

The Storyteller

It’s all about the story. This is what photography is for. The Latin root of the word translates literally to ‘writing with light’ and during the masterclass I’ll teach you the techniques I use to tell my tales to my audience.

The simple realisation that photography is storytelling can have a profound impact and help give a renewed impetus to the process. As soon as a process gets a purpose it becomes all the more valuable.

How do we work with mentors? Who on earth is your Muse? What message do You want to share? Why does it matter? Come along and let’s explore.

Image Review Session

During the lunch break I’ll be available for image and portfolio reviews and will give candid advice on whatever aspect of photography you’re working with at the moment.

There’ll also be plenty of time during the afternoon for Q&A on topics related to creativity and photographic storytelling.


Practise, Practice, Personal projects and Processing

These four ‘P’s are the keys to a more creative life and we’ll spend the afternoon working with your individual creative path and developing a route that will take you from concept through to realisation of your photographic stories.

I’ll give you the inside track on my favourite Lightroom and Photoshop techniques, tips that will enable you to bring your vision to life as quickly as possible. Like you, I don’t want to spend any more time than I have to in front of my computer no matter how painless the process is so that will be the focus.

Breathing life and spirit back into our pieces with a modern set of tools akin to the age old ways and then getting back out there, hunting down the stories to bring home.


The masterclass will take place on Sunday the 14th of January 2018 and will be strictly limited to just 25 people to ensure plenty of space and time to really deepen into our creative photography path together. The event will run at the David Lloyd Club in Chorley, just 2 minutes from junction 8 on the M61 and will commence at 9:30am.
I’m pleased to have secured this venue as the conference room is spacious and comfortable, perfect for our image based workshop where I’ll be using a high definition projector to present the programme. Lunch will be a heartwarming hot meal and there’ll be hot drinks available of course.

There’s a Premier Inn next door to the venue, gorgeous food at both the David Lloyd Club and the neighbouring Malt House pub and the wild winter countryside of Anglezarke mere minutes away.
Tickets for the special day-long masterclass are just £107. Click here to secure your place now.