Creativity Beyond The Camera

Creativity Beyond The Camera

for those who know there is more to photography than f-stops and shutter speeds…

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Feeling Stuck?

No Motivation?
Lacking Inspiration?
Can’t seem to reach the next step?
Photos Lacking that Certain Something?
Can’t find your Style or your Look?
Lost Your Creative Mojo?
Worn Down by the Technical Stuff?
Has Your Creativity Done a Runner?
Unsure What to Shoot?
Or Why to Shoot?

Photography can be such an exciting, inspirational way to create beauty from the world around us yet so often our simple, clear intentions can be overwhelmed by a lack of focus, a shortfall of inspiration and a perceived lack of necessary knowledge.

Creativity Beyond The Camera has been conceived to show you a path through this maze whatever your skill level, to guide you steadily to a fulfilling creative photographic practice that will enhance your very life and give you back control over your artistic destiny.

This training seeks to unlock your ability to craft images which align with your vision, your hopes and dreams.

The Simple Solution:
Have a Plan
Have a Practice

Creativity Beyond The Camera will help you develop a plan, a signposted way ahead through the mire that can be digital photography today.

It will show you how to develop a regular creative practice that will actually enhance your skills, inform your technique, inspire you, help you find the message in your photography, craft real tangible objects of beauty from your work.

The Gormley Statues at Crosby Beach, Merseyside. Shot on a rainy winter’s day with the aim of showing the lonliness of the docklands.
Canon 5Dmk2 200mm 100iso f20  2 seconds

Who Am I

As a young boy I took an interest in photography for reasons that elude me now but I know that I became quite obsessed with the craft. I had my first darkroom before I left junior school and became competent shooting and processing monochrome film quite quickly.

Before I left school I had begun to fund my hobby by selling shots to magazines such as BBC Wildlife and Country Life. I knew that photography was going to be the main part of my life and worked hard to become a professional freelance photographer specialising in landscape, countryside and nature. However I’ve had lots of experience in most photography fields including portrait, lifestyle and travel. My client list includes the most prestigious of the UK’s publishing houses and many international ones too and I’ve spent over 30 years working on assignment and for stock agencies.

Recently I’ve changed the direction of my work and am now shooting much more for myself. Creating photographs purely for the beauty of it and the self fulfilment of a personal creative practice.

I’ve run hundreds of workshops in the north of England and helped countless folk step more fully onto their photographic paths. Some of my students have successfully launched professional careers on the back of my teachings.

Of course the path wasn’t always easy. I’ve had my fair share of stumbles and blocks to overcome along the way. I’ve occasionally felt like hanging up my cameras and never shooting again!

However I always found ways to release these blocks and return to my vocation, my calling.

Understanding the importance of a regular practice, knowing the reasons behind my craft, seeking out a way to stay inspired and finding ways to share my visual stories have all helped me keep my focus through the tough times.

“A small and collegial group of mixed backgrounds, Jason talked us through tips on timing, planning, settings and composition, for well over three hours along the beautiful coast near Silverdale.

While we were free to do as we pleased as we snapped away, Jason was always close at hand to give support and encouragement, and answer any question we had.

He is a lovely person with a wealth of experience and it made the workshop a fun and satisfying learning exercise.” Ulric Schwela

Woodland ferns caught in the first rays of the dawn sun. Canon 5Dsr 100-400mm 100iso f5.6 1/20th

what is creativity beyond the camera?

Creativity Beyond The Camera is my new way of helping photographers realise their vision and master the tools necessary to tell their stories eloquently and with authenticity.

Now more than ever before it feels important to embrace our creativity and seek the path that enables us to share that of the world which touches us.

I’ve been planning this offering for many years but not quite known the framework I needed to put together in order to deliver the material in a way that would convey the depth of it.

Finally, after renewing my vows to my own photography I’ve discovered the way ahead for Creativity Beyond The Camera. There’s an ocean of online photographic training out there, lots of it freely available on Youtube and similar sites, however there’s precious little shared about the deeper stuff. By that I don’t mean the most complex processes or the difficult to master techniques.

No, by ‘the deeper stuff’ I mean the knowledge that helps us portray the real story of what we shoot, the ways to intuitively find our voice and consistently show up for our creativity. How to chase down our inspiration so that we can overcome those creative blocks that threaten to drown our art.

The dance between technology and ‘connection’ that enables us to weave the truth in our visual tales.

Creativity Beyond The Camera is delivered online through inspiring videos supported by pdf documents and audio files.

These lessons are structured in easy to understand modules within your own course page online. To prevent an overwhelm of information the material is drip fed at a manageable pace, however as a CBC member you’ll have lifetime access so there’s never any need to rush.

The training comes with a good collection of bonuses to help you grow around the fertile edges of the course, bonuses which will help address problems and issues that could otherwise derail your creative growth.

I’m also going to have you accompany me, virtually, on several shoots using videos to deconstruct my thought processes, my shooting choices and my processing techniques so that you have a detailed understanding of my entire path through each picture.

There’s worksheets accompanying most lessons and numerous exercises that will enable you to practice your new skills and build on your learnings.

The online community and live coaching calls will provide the community that can be so important as we walk any path of deeper learning.

The Course launches on the 4th of June 2017

The French Dolomites shot in the contrasty evening light. A 6 exposure composite merged in Lightroom. Canon 5Dsr 24 – 70mm 100iso f16 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/30, 1/60

Opt to walk for a while with me through Creativity Beyond The Camera and discover a holistic way to enhance your camera skills, to inspire your creativity, to find the deeper reason behind your photography and learn how to manifest your vision through your craft

Jason’s clients include:

Can’t See The Woods For The Trees?

Where are you with your photography right now? Where would you like to be?

Are you new to all of this, perhaps a little baffled as to what you need to do next?

Learning what the technical stuff is all about but still tempted to ‘leave everything on auto’?

Finding it hard to consistently take good, sharp, focused photos?

Struggling to really utilise the histogram to understand your exposures?

Have a grasp of the exposure triangle but not truly fluent in the language of stops?

The Initiation Phase or Full Course will help you most.


Very familiar with the exposure settings but finding it hard to compose interesting images?

Applying the principles of composition but still not capturing the emotion or ‘feel’ in your shots?

Using all the tools and the knowledge but lacking inspiration?

Photographing consistently but still not feeling fulfilled by the outcome?

Working hard at your photography but still not truly nurtured by it?

The Immersion Phase will help you find your way ahead.

Click here to find out when the Immersion Phase will be available

“Jason’s workshops have given me the opportunity to discover how I can take photos of amazing sunsets, and night photos, using my normal camera settings.

The small groups means that Jason helps each student individually, so that with his help, I was able to take some magical, colourful shots amongst some amazing scenery and landscapes!  The workshops are a real, memorable experience.” Margaret Keane

Join me on Creativity Beyond The Camera and become the photographer you’ve always known you can be.

Find your inspiration, master your camera and begin to create meaningful, beautiful photographs that eloquently convey your message.

Course Outline

Creativity Beyond The Camera aims to help you find your way through the complex landscape of modern photography and does this in two organic stages.

Firstly let me mention that I’m refusing to use such labels as novice, beginner, intermediate or advanced. Deep Photography is not about technical proficiency, mastery of rules and step by step techniques. It’s more rounded than that. I’m not happy to use words such as ‘Basic’ or ‘Higher Level Training’, these feel too hierarchical.

Rather, I’ve opted to use the words ‘Initiation’ and ‘Immersion’ as these terms, for me, embrace the concept of lifelong learnings rather than strict step-by-step processes.  I hope they do for you too.


The two initiation modules walk you gently along the path of initial knowings and gift you the ability to go deeper with confidence when the time is right.

The modules aim to ‘initiate’ you in the toolset that is exposure, focus and sharpness control stressing the magic and alchemy of these processes rather than the purely scientific technical aspects. After all creativity is a ‘path’ that wanders through many realms and the thought of being initiated into one aspect of it (the photographic one) works for me.

Don’t be misled though, the modules will cover the deeper aspects of these areas too. This is no lightweight fluffy course that tells you not to bother with such details. Rather, the Initiation phase will walk you through the forest of details taking you just as far into the denser places as you wish to go and no farther.

These lessons will be buoyed up by excursions into the fun of connection and inspiration and we’ll touch on storytelling ever so lightly. Giving you a promise of what’s to come and the will to revisit the tricky bits of technology knowing the rewards that await such study.


The remaining 4 modules of Creativity Beyond The Camera deal with the concept of Immersion and gently takes you into the very heart of photographic creativity.

Again, you can choose to paddle around the edges of this vast ocean or plunge down to the depths for the pearls of creative wisdoms that await there. Brushes with the finer details of technique will lead to an exploration of building your pictures, becoming eloquent in the ancient language of composition, learning how to conjure the light to do your creative bidding and conveying the messages that go beyond the purely illustrative.

We’ll pay a visit to the spirit of your connection and explore the legion of mentors who we can work with, those still practicing and those long gone. I’ll teach you how to slow down and sense the meanings in your subject, to capture the beauty that is more than skin deep and commune with the locus mundi as you tease out stories with your camera.

With the message embedded deep within your imagery I’ll show you how to breath life and spirit back into your shots using the modern equivalent of the darkroom. This is where the magic continues, the place where you can craft your authentic stories and set them out to sail into a waiting world having tasted the satisfaction of manifesting your vision through deep photography.

My Invitation To You Today

Choose to join the full training and get the full benefits complete with the Founder Member Discount
Save £380 off the full price
Receive the whole suite of bonuses which will be released throughout the duration of the course delivery
Pay just £54 today

Dip your feet into the course with the ‘initiation’ modules and  strengthen your photographic foundations before deciding if you want to go ‘all in’ with the full course
Have the option to upgrade before the Immersion modules are launched
Pay just £39 today

Opt to skip the Initiation modules and wait a few weeks before enrolling onto the Immersion modules (check here to make sure you’re truly ready) if places are available

An Invitation To Become a Founder Member

What is a Founder Member?

The Creativity Beyond The Camera training is emerging into a hungry world and I’m looking for Founder Members who will do the work alongside me as I flesh out the content.

As a Founder Member you will receive the lessons on a regular basis and your feedback (should you wish to give it) will help ensure the course hits the mark and becomes a valuable resource for anyone who wishes to nurture their creativity and deepen their relationship with their photography.

I’ll be seeking your problems, your questions and doing my utmost to clear your creative blocks as the course runs.

As a Founder Member you’ll receive the training at a huge discount, up to £380 off the full price.

You will have more access to me than future trainees. There’ll be a private Facebook group of creative photographers, email access to me and regular live coaching calls where you can ask questions of me and the group.

The number of participants is strictly limited.

You’ll also have lifetime access to the fully completed course and all versions of it, with all the videos being downloadable or accessible online.

Your Options from the Founder Member Choices

Join the Full Course

  • Get the training for £380 less than the full price
  • Receive the whole suite of bonuses which will be released throughout the duration of the course delivery
  • Pay just £54 today

Purchase just the Initiation Phase

  • Dip your feet into the course with the ‘initiation’ modules and  strengthen your photographic foundations before deciding if you want to go ‘all in’ with the full course
  • Save 50% on the price of the first 3 modules.
  • Have the option to upgrade before the Immersion modules are launched
  • Pay just £39 today

Choose to skip the Initiation Phase

My Guarantee To You

I’m very confident that CBC will help you find more fulfilment from your photography and steady your path as you find new ways to indulge your creativity.

This is my guarantee to you.

If you do the course, complete the worksheets and the exercises and still don’t feel your photography has benefited I will give you your money back.

This guarantee is good for 365 days from the day the course commences.

Just send me your completed worksheets, tell me truthfully that your photography hasn’t improved and I’ll refund you in full.

“I really enjoyed the opportunity to connect with the natural environment
throughout the day and, with Jason’s expert knowledge and insight, came away
with more practical knowledge than I had gained at a recent photography
night school course – many thanks! ” Laurie Wills

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My Six Triangles Approach

The meat on the bones of the training will be based on my Six Triangles Principle following an organic approach to your learning.

The Initiation Phase:

The Exposure Triangle – enjoy diving into the toolkit that enables us to work with the light. This is often seen as an insurmountable obstacle but I’ll demystify the process and show you how to work with the three key settings on your camera to get the most control.

The Technical Triangle – learn how to ensure you have just the right amount of focus to add power to your pictures. I’ll demonstrate how to use the best focusing modes and how to make the right choices to ensure sharpness and clarity to your shots. Stance and breathing technique can also be important here.

The Immersion Phase:

The Pictorial Triangle – there’s so much said about composition, so many rules and guidelines that it can become a mess of confusion. In this section I’ll explain the main concerns and then introduce you to a more intuitive way to use composition in your images. Would you like to know how to read the light? That’s covered too.

The Inspiration Triangle – reaching deep into the realms of the what really matters with our creativity I’ll show you ways to work with mentors and the concept of the muse to ensure you know how to seek and find your inspiration on a regular basis, banishing those creative blocks.

The Message Triangle – learn how to find the purpose in your photography, develop ways to understand just what it is you’re trying to say and discover how to deepen into a mutual connection with your subject that will help you convey the emotion in your art.

The Story-telling Triangle – now that you have your image I walk you through the process of breathing your vision back into what the camera has captured. This is where the magic continues and you get to author your work into art. I’ll introduce the building blocks of post processing and show you how to create something tangible from your work, an outcome that will let you share your story.

Photographed during a visit to The Camargue, I wanted to use the soft pastel light of the evening to illuminate the plumage. Canon 5Dsr 100 – 400mm 250iso f5.6 1/1000

The Steps to Mastery:

Know Your Tools – find a way to really understand the settings that matter and discard all the superfluous ‘stuff’ that manufacturers pack into their cameras. Did you know it’s not necessary to learn the vast majority of options, menus and settings on your camera? Creativity Beyond the Camera will demystify the technical stuff and free up space for the magic to happen.

Refine your Technique – Enjoy getting to know how to make your camera work for you and watch as it becomes an extension of your imagination rather than a complex tool that you feel disengaged with.

Learn The Language – Discover ways to intuitively capture the world around you in ways that will engage with your viewers. Become eloquent in the language that drives all visual arts and know how to interpret the world photographically.

Find Inspiration – Explore techniques that will ensure your craft always inspires you. Learn ways to overcome creative blocks and find the route to steady growth in your photographic and creative skills.

Refine your Reason – analyse why you are taking photographs and understand how to use this to craft a message in your art.

Share Your Stories – Learn how to turn your photographs into elements of stories that you can share in a variety of ways from prints, to self published books to published articles.

Course Bonuses

The course comes complete with numerous bonuses which will be delivered as the lessons are released. Here are some of them:

  1.   Setting Up your camera

  2.   Camera Care

  3.   Getting your photos into Lightroom

  4.   Exporting you photos from Lightroom

  5.   Raw or jpeg?

  6.   Making time

  7.   On being inspired

  8.   Suggested photographers to watch

  9.   Reading list

  10.   Sunny 16 exposure guide

  11.   Editing presets and actions

  12.   Cropping cards

  13.   Quick reference guides for location shooting

  14.   Virtual Photo Shoot Videos

  15.   Going Pro

Frequently Asked Questions

When doe the course commence?

The course begins on Sunday the 4th of June 2017.

Can I do this course with a mobile phone camera?

If you use a mobile phone camera you will be able to do most of the lessons but may not be able to apply the first module on exposure control. That said, many recent phones do allow a good degree of exposure control so I wouldn’t let this stop you. There is the 365 day money back guarantee too!

How much time will it take?

Any creative practice takes time to develop and the key is regularity rather than quantity. I would suggest a minimum of 3 hours a week to watch the lessons and then practice. The full course will be developed and delivered over a period of approximately 9 months.

Do I need any experience to do this course?

You’ll need to be keen to improve your photography but there is no set level of experience necessary. If you are new to photography the first module and some of the bonuses will help get you up to speed.

I’m already very experienced. Will I benefit from this course?

Yes! If you have a deep understanding of the exposure triangle and are familiar with how to craft sharp, focused shots you may want to consider skipping the ‘Initiation’ phase and joining the ‘Immersion’ modules. Click here to find out more.

Do I need computer skills?

You’ll need to have the basic skills necessary to access the online lessons. If you know how to use a web browser you should be fine. To get the full benefit from the final module you’ll want to have access to an image editing program. I recommend the Photographer’s Package from Adobe which can be subscribed to for just over £10 per month at the time of writing. However there are many alternatives, some of them free.

How long do I have to complete the materials?

You will have lifetime access so there no rush. You can also download all the lessons to make them available when you are offline too.

Can I access the course with a mobile device such as a smart phone or tablet?

Yes of course. All the lessons are delivered in a mobile friendly format.

Do I have to complete assignments?

There will be suggested exercises and you’ll be able to share the images for comments in the private facebook group. However you only need to engage to the level you want and I won’t be chasing you for homework!

What are the terms of the guarantee?

If you do the work I suggest throughout the course and don’t find it has helped your photography in any way I will refund your money. The guarantee lasts for 365 days from the course start date. To qualify for the money back offer I will need you to send in your completed worksheets so that I know you’ve done the work. This is because I only want people to join the course if they are serious about doing the work and improving their creative life through photography.

What equipment do I need?

A digital camera which has access to settings other than fully auto, and access to a computer or printer. A tripod and cable release will be useful but is in no way essential.

I don’t shoot nature or landscape. Will the course be useful to me?

Yes! This is not a landscape and nature photography course. The lessons taught and principles covered are fitting whether you shoot people, do street or sports photography or any other discipline.

How is payment taken?

The checkout is provided by Stripe, a world leading service which accepts all major credit cards or paypal payments. At no time do I see or have access to your card details, this is all handled by Stripe.

Do I need a printer?

All of the material will be accessible online and you will be able to read the pdfs too. A printer will only be necessary should you decide to print any of the material.

Will this course help me find a career in photography?

Absolutely! Now more than ever before it’s important to have a deep, creative connection with your photography should you wish to make a career of it. There’s so much competition out there and it’s important to have the edge that an authentic connected approach brings. There’s a whole bonus section on going pro too.

Any other questions? Please email me.

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