Learn the Secrets of Night Photography

with Jason Smalley

Friday 26th April 6:30pm

near Silverdale, Lancashire


f16 2 seconds 400iso

Discover landscape photography
by moonlight and starlight

Wherever you are at with your photography this workshop will introduce you to a whole new way of seeing the world. No longer will you need to stop creating photographs when the sun goes down!

Whatever your skill level this workshop will show you how to photograph in the dark.

Join us on the Lancashire coast and learn how to push beyond the boundaries of 'normal' photography. Discover how to craft images by starlight, by the dregs of illumination from distant towns and from the light of the rising moon.


Our Workshop begins as the sun dips below the horizon.

Weather permitting we'll work with the sunset colours before turning our attention to the darkening landscape.

Why After Dark Photography?

Create Compelling Images

Work in the challenging light of night time to craft unique images.

Broaden your Horizons

Expand the world of creative possibilities that are open to you.

Master New Techniques

Learn the skills of long exposure photography.

Explore More Exposure Options

Work with manual exposure and the 'bulb' setting.

Shooting in the Dark

As the light begins to fade we'll choose our locations and compositions, all the while shooting the changing light as the dusk takes hold.

We'll be a small group, 6 or so, and I promise you lots of one-to-one time to deepen into your own learning needs. I'll constantly be on hand to coach the very best out of your photographic skill and to tease out solutions to the challenges that night photography creates.

You will learn:

  • how to properly steady your camera

  • how to establish the correct exposures even after your camera's meter has thrown in the towel
  • how to ensure pin sharp images
  • how to craft photos that truly capture the magic of the golden hour, the blue hour and beyond into the blackness of night

Free Reference Booklet

To help you remember the all of the valuable information I share with you on the workshop I've created a twelve page illustrated ready reference booklet which has space for your own notes.

It will also act as a mini workbook for your own After Dark photography.

​Images taken After Dark

Silverdale - f16 30 seconds 160 iso

Silverdale - f16 ​600 seconds ​400 iso

​St Bees Head - f​8 ​480 seconds ​800 iso

​Ainsdale - f1​1 ​​360 seconds ​400 iso

​​Silverdale - f​​11 ​​600 seconds ​​100 iso

​Silverdale - f​8 ​​​960 seconds ​​800 iso

​​Ainsdale - f​​11 ​​210 seconds ​​100 iso

​Anglezarke - f1​1 ​​​960 seconds ​400 iso

What previous After Dark photographers say:

How much I enjoyed the night photography session at the weekend...

"I thought I’d drop you a note to say how much I enjoyed the night photography session at the weekend.  It was truly enlightening and has really cemented my understanding of the principles of photography, not to mention being an inspirational location.

I keep telling anyone who will listen and they too find it amazing that it is possible to take a photograph in the dark."


Jason was always close at hand to give support and encouragement...

"A small and collegial group of mixed backgrounds, Jason talked us through tips on timing, planning, settings and composition, for well over five hours along the beautiful coast near Silverdale.

While we were free to do as we pleased as we snapped away, Jason was always close at hand to give support and encouragement, and answer any question we had. He is a lovely person with a wealth of experience and it made the workshop a fun and satisfying learning exercise."


New Skills to take away

The skills you learn during our After Dark night time photography workshop will be applicable to any environment you find yourself in. No longer will you need to put your camera away as daylight fades.

You will be able to rise to the challenge of crafting amazing images even when you can't see your hand in front of your face!

This shot taken at Castlerigg stone circle was captured in total darkness. You will be able to replicate the same techniques again and again.

Ok, so what will I learn?

As we'll only be a small group each person will learn exactly what is necessary to become much more competent at night time photography. I don't have an agenda set in stone as this would limit the progress that each photographer can make. However, in a nutshell here are the basics of what I expect to cover.


Reading the landscape.  The evening will begin about an hour before sunset and we'll quickly get to know the two locations in the light of day. Our first step will be to find a pleasing composition that will work as an After Dark photograph.

I'll coach you in choosing a composition that works up on the headland overlooking Morecambe Bay.


Working with the setting sun.  Whether we have a good sunset or not it will still play a huge part in the next part of our workshop. Down on the edge of the mudflats we'll seek out abstracts in the watery reflections that glow within the creeks and gulleys.

I'll help you work with contrasty light and establish the best exposure settings to ensure the correct depth of field.


Long exposures.  As the light begins to fail I'll show you how to allow your exposures to lengthen and we'll take the opportunity to capture the flow of water over the mudflats.

These basic long exposure techniques come in useful in many photographic situations, not least when working with waterfalls and cloud movement.


Working with manual exposure settings.  There's no getting away from it! As the exposures lengthen it will be necessary to work with manual exposure settings. Quite early on in the workshop you'll be shooting exposures in excess of thirty seconds.

As nightfall progresses we will be counting the minutes as we take our shots. Ten and fifteen minute exposures will be the order of the day. Don't worry if you've never done this before, I'll be there every step of the way.


Calculating exposure and focus unaided.  Once darkness has fallen our cameras will no longer be able to read the light levels, however there is a work around that I will teach you. I'll also give you some good rule of thumb guidance that will help you ascertain the necessary exposure settings without the exposure meter.

Autofocus too will soon fail. I'll show you how to establish the correct point of focus even in the darkness.

What More Do I Need To Know?

What camera do I need?

What settings do I need to understand?

What other equipment do I need?

What skill level do I need to be at?

What other stuff should I bring?

What if it rains?

Jason Smalley  //  Photographic Artist

I've been a photographer since I was a child and spent the last thirty years as a professional editorial photographer working with clients ranging from Country Living to the Sunday Times magazine, and everything in between!

Nowadays I choose to shoot for myself much more and am enjoying exploring the world of fine art photography.

My other favourite pastimes are hammocking out in wild places with my wife and letting her beat me at Scrabble. Not at the same time! 🙂

Jason ​Smalley

Book Your Place now on my After Dark workshop.

To ensure everyone gets the most out of the workshop I'm limiting this workshop to no more than 6 participants.




100% Weatherproof Guarantee!

If the weather forecast necessitates me to call off the workshop you will get an immediate and full refund or the option to use your payment as a credit towards another workshop (with a generous discount for the inconvenience).

Jason Smalley

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