for those who know there's
more to creative photography

than numbers and formulae, rules and hacks, software and hardware

For me the real joy of photography comes with the art, not the craft.

Yes, we can better express our art if we have put in the hard yards and learned the craft, however we can find a deeper satisfaction in our creativity if we begin to look beyond the technical, beyond the horizon of technique and toil.

Photography comes alive when we have something to say. The fire of our creativity flares when we know what it's all about.

This is the call of the Muse. I invite you to take a deep dive into your photography with me as your guide. Half a century of visual storytelling has left its mark on me, and I want to share this with you.

The Muse has been calling to creators since the dawn of tribal cultures worldwide and her voice continues to ring out to artists, musicians, writers, creators, problem solvers, deep thinkers and more down to this day.

More often than not though she is no longer heard. Life gets in the way. Commitment, responsibility, apathy, weariness and fear can close the door on her. Inspiration takes flight and those who so badly need to create flounder and flail about in a life lived for others.

The Call of The Muse is my shout out to you. Let it become the hollow bone down which the Muse, your Muse, can gently whisper these words into your ear. ‘You can do this. Let’s make beauty together. Let us move beyond the blocks that stop your self nurture, let’s create beautiful photos just because we can.’

To begin exploring the edges of what I call 'Deep Photography' I invite you to enjoy a short series of 6 emails within which I explain the steps I consider necessary to begin the process of claiming back our creativity as creative photographers.

Creativity Beyond The Camera

Your camera is not the secret to a creative life. However it is a key, and if used mindfully can unlock the creatively abundant life you've always wanted.

Let me share my thoughts with you.

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