Immersing into Photography

Four Secrets of Creative Photography

Here’s your ‘Immersing Into Photography’ mini course

I’ve built this short, 4 part free mini course to help photographers explore the deeper, more creative aspects of the photographic process.

If you would like to tap more fully into your creative self, find inspiration much more readily and begin to discover your own personal path through your photography this course is designed for you.

Over four days I’ll introduce you to new ways of seeing your craft.

  • On day one I’ll take you through a fresh new approach to composition, a way that acknowledges the ‘rules’ but goes way beyond them.
  • Day two will visit the masters of old and outline a simple way of avoiding oft repeated mistakes. We’ll also check out the concept of working with our creative muse.
  • During the third day I’ll explain my way of finding the deeper reasons behind my photography and show you how this simple insight can revolutionise our way of seeing.
  • Lastly I’ll tie it all together on day four with a look at storytelling and truly capturing our message in our imagery.

It’s free, there’s no catch. Each lesson is delivered straight to your inbox ready for you to read.

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