Ready for Immersion?

Thank you for your interest in my new Creativity Beyond the Camera ecourse.

If you are already an experienced photography you may want to skip the ‘Initiation’ phase of the course and wait for the rolling out of the ‘Immersion’ phase.

To get the most benefit from the course I suggest you only miss the Initiation phase if you already have a very thorough understanding of the exposure triangle and can dance your way around the shutter speeds, aperture and iso settings without a second thought.

You’ll also need to have an understanding of the histogram and be able to assess your image quickly and accurately using this graphical display. Additionally, if you are familiar with alternative exposure techniques such as expose to the right that will be great.

On top of this you’ll need to understand the best ways to set up the focusing on your camera, be familar with back button focusing maybe and certainly be aware of the intelligent use of the focusing zones in your camera.

To be truly ready for the Immersion phase you’ll also have a good understanding of the effect of shutter speeds on movement blur and which shutter speeds to use when.

You will also be very conversant with depth of field and it’s application in your photography.

Please don’t be tempted to skip the Initiation phase if you are not totally up to speed on all of the above. The foundation of Creativity Beyond the Camera is a good knowledge of and practical working skill with the tools that create the photos.

The Immersion phase should be ready for launch by late August and, if there are any Founder Member places remaining, I’ll send an email out to my list. To ensure you hear of this please enter your name and email address below.

Many thanks