6 Simple Steps to help Photographers
Craft a Creative Life

Photographers - let me help you demolish those creative blocks

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About your Guide

When our creativity dries up no amount of new gear will refill it. We need a different approach. With this free guide I aim to help you navigate that new way and show you how to top up your well of inspiration whenever you need.

In this guide I outline 6 proven steps that will enable you to stay focused and inspired to create new and engaging images as we regain our creative freedoms and begin to step out of lockdown and distancing. By following the simple plan outlined within the 20 pages you will develop your creative curiosity and always know what to shoot next and why.

Download my Guide to Crafting Your Creative Life today and use my hard earned tips to take your photography to the next level whatever kit you use.

About the author

Jason Smalley

After teaching himself film photography and processing at a tender young age Jason determined to carve out a career as a freelance photographer.

With hard work and bloody mindedness he succeeded and has enjoyed over three decades as a professional photographer working with commercial and publishing clients around the globe. He’s had many tens of thousands of images published and it’s fair to say he knows a thing or two about the game of photography.

Running countless workshops for the past twenty years and helping other photographers with his online offerings Jason has a real, informed understanding of the blocks that can prevent creative photographers from doing their best work.

He believes that living the creative life is something of a calling for photographers. They have the tools and the knowledge necessary to share the stories that matter. It’s his aim to help keep you inspired and curious as you walk the path of the creative photographer.

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