Trusting the Process

End to end there’s probably five hours here.

Five hours of working with the comma both in the meadowland of Anglezarke and the thickets of Lightroom and, as ever, it was time well spent.

There’s always a message in the process of photography if we take the time to listen. It’s not all about the technical stuff, it’s not all about the shoot, it’s not all about the post-processing.

For me all of these steps meld into one process of flow that is much bigger than the elements and nurtures some part of my that needs to drink often at the fountain of my muse.



9 thoughts on “Trusting the Process”

  1. Lynn Mcilhone

    Beautiful inspiring words that have made me think it is time for me to get my camera back out after losing interest for a while. Beautiful images too!!

    1. jason

      Thank you Lynn. Much appreciated.

  2. Margaret Keane

    Jason, I found that so beautiful and magical. I am just starting to understand the need for patience in my photography and in my life in general and this is truly inspiring! Thank you for sharing those pictures and the story. How amazing to open an email, sat here at my kitchen table , and be transported to a world of wonder.

    1. Michelle Loetz

      Margaret, you have so beautifully put my feelings into words, thank you. Yes patience. ..
      These beautiful, moving images are balm to the soul Jason and the little video a perfect mini meditation for me at a time when I am finding myself often frustrated, disgruntled , moody and sad. I long to be out there again as I used to be, butterflies were so often my subject in earlier years and I lost myself entirely in following them. Beautiful, and I am so so looking forward to this part of our course! ???

      1. Margaret Keane

        Hi Michelle. A mini meditation hits the nail! It brought a few tears to my eyes as well! I am now off to my yoga class with those pictures in my mind. It’s a very appropriate start to the class.

        1. jason

          Perfect Margaret. Thank you. 🙂

      2. jason

        Thank you Michelle. A mini meditation… hmmm… this brings me full circle to ideas for videos and images I had a while ago… I’ll act on it soon.
        It’s so good to have you alongside on the course and remember that you are one of the reasons it’s actually happening at last.

        1. Michelle Loetz

          Jason….bless you. How kind you are xx

    2. jason

      Thank you Margaret. Your words inspire me to keep sharing my stories, to do it more in fact. I’m so pleased to think of you enjoying the images in this deep way. Jason

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